FFT1 Standard Flush Face for General Purpose (PLT1) 

Part no. FFT1-04-04-C/N-NPT/BSP/SAE

FFT4 Standard Flush Face for Higher pressure (PLT4) 

Part no. FFT4-04-04-C/N-NPT/BSP/SAE

FFTX Standard Flush Face made from SS 316 (PLTX) 

Part no. FFTX-04-04-C/N-NPT/BSP/SAE

FFTX Nipple Coupling for all ISO16028 (PLTX) 

Part no. FFK4-04-04-N-NPT/SAE/M

FF71 High Pressure and Impuls coupling (Parker 71) (PLS1) 

Part no. FF71-04-04-C/N-NPT/BSP/SAE

FF71-SS High Pressure and Impuls coupling SS316 (Parker 71) (PLSX) 

Part no. FF71-SS-04-04-C/N-NPT/BSP/SAE

FFUT6 Ultra High-Pressure Coupling (PLT6) 

Part no. FFUT6-04-04-C/N-NPT/BSP/SAE

FFHT7 Ultra High-Pressure Coupling (STUCHHI A-HP) (PLT7) 

Part no. FFHT7-04-04-C-NPT/BSP

Part no. PVT4-CC-04-04-C/N-NPT/BSP/NPT/M


PVT4 Steel Flush Face Scrw Type Coupling with color code (PVT4) 

FST4 Steel Flush Face Screw type coupling with color code (PST4) (FSI)

Part no. FST4-CC-04-04-C/N-NPT/BSP/SAE

FST4-CS Steel Flush Face Screw type coupling with color code (PST4 CS) (FSI-SL)

Part no. FST4CS-CC-04-04-C/N-NPT/BSP/SAE

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